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Email Permission Marketing Autoresponder

The internet is great for business - but it does have one interesting handicap...

Yes, it allows us to do business internationally, breaking geographic boundaries and it allows us to reach millions of potential customers and clients - more than even television and radio.

But, when you don't get to see your prospects, it's hard to create a connection with them. And in our world of seemingly infinite choice that connection or fledgling relationship with a prospect can make the difference between a new customer and a lost prospect.

Permission Marketing
Email Autoresponder

Unlimited Autoresponders
Newsletters & eZines
Huge Contact List
Advert Tracking
Split Testing

Being available on the phone is a great way to make a connection - but its not the only way.  Sending personalised email communication will also help you make that all important connection.  By personalised, I mean using the prospects name and other relevant information you know is specific to a particular prospect.

Though, just like using the phone, personalised email can be quite time consuming... unless you can automate it!

What if you could send personalised communication, automatically to your prospects to start creating a relationship with them?  Automating it would mean you can deal with hundreds, thousands or even millions of prospect for the same investment of time!  And you could use the same system to communicate with existing customers or clients and even reduce the number of low-value phone calls you have deal with too.

Well, let me tell you about's Email Permission Marketing Autoresponder package... using this you can:

  • Create relationships with prospects
  • Build relationships with customers and clients
  • Communicate almost for free with thousands, even millions of people
  • And ultimately create a hugely success business online

Of course, your web site communicates with your prospects and having a blog is a great idea too.  Though using the Permission Marketing Autoresponder package you remain in total control of which portions of your prospect or customer database receive which kind of communication and on what schedule

The comment heard from lots of professional internet marketers is 'the money is in the list' and with our system you can build that list and communicate with the prospects and customers on that list - and turn them in to valued clients.

You can try our autoresponder package - and in fact all of the features included right up to our professional package for 4 Weeks for just $3.95...

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More Information

Our system provides unlimited sequential autoresponders.  To learn more about what that is, take a look at our 'What is an Autoresponder' section.

To learn more about permission email marketing and to get some ideas about what kind of emails you might send, sign-up for our Free Permission Marketing Short Course.  Just enter your name and email address below...

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Finally, of course you can also contact us with questions you have about any of our packages.

Features of Our Email Permission Marketing Autoresponder Package

This package is also included in the E-Business Basic Package or the E-Business Professional Package.

Pricing Review Sign Up
 Monthly Payments †**
$34 / £19*
 Annually Payment **
$349 / £185*
 Setup Fee
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 Online Video Tutorials and Member's
      User Guide
 Unlimited Email Support FREE
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 No programming skills required
 No software to install
 Secure admin access
 Easily integrates into your existing web site
 Comprehensive client management
 Import or export your clients and prospects
 Run multiple web sites from one account
Ad Tracking, Split Testing & Coupons Sign Up
 Track every aspect of your online marketing
 Calculate cost-per-click, per-sale, and conversion rates
 Split-run ad tracking
 Rotate up to 3 different landing pages
 Real-time click-through reporting
 Track sales & leads per campaign
 Download reports right into excel
Autoresponder / Permission Email Marketing Software Sign Up
 Unlimited autoresponders
 Unlimited follow-ups per autoresponder
 Unlimited broadcast email messages
 Product-specific autoresponders
 Automatic subscribe/unsubscribe email processing
 Delivery & open rates for your HTML messages
 Each autoresponder series has its  own subscribe-by email address
 Real-time tracking for subscribes, opt-ins and removes
 Personalized messages to your clients
 Send plain text or HTML emails
 Multi-part MIME email support
 Easy custom opt-in form generator
 Closed-Loop / confirmed opt-in system that can be
      turned on or off
 Customize your own closed-loop opt-in message
 Schedule when you want future broadcasts to be sent
 Easy to use eZine/Newsletter management
 Send test messages to preview your emails
 Automatic new subscriber notices
 Automatically identifies invalid email addresses
 Bounced email manager
 Spam-Score your messages before sending
 Individual Spam Protection and IP capture
 Use your own 'From' name and email address
 Maximum email delivery guaranteed with our
     virtual IP rotation, intelligent queuing
     algorithm, and per-domain controls that
     maximize message delivery to the inbox
 Incredible delivery speeds. Our email applications
      servers are designed to handle over 1 million
      messages per hour
 Pop-up email capture. Automatically captures your
      prospects email address without having to fill
      out a form.
 Easy to use pop-up generator
 CAN-SPAM Act compliant
Database Licensing Sign Up
 Client database limit Up to 2,500 clients (upgrades available to 2 Million)
† Customers on a monthly billing cycle are billed every 4 weeks
** Prices subject to change based on size of client list, click here to learn more

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