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Welcome to our Affiliate Program.  If you already use our service you know what a great impact it has on your business.  Become part of our affiliate program and receive a regular monthly, recurring commission when you refer others to us who then sign up as a customer of - and you get that monthly commission for as long as they stay a customer!

We call it our "Refer ONCE and Get Paid OVER & OVER again for LIFE!" affiliate program. Yep, our affiliate program pays you monthly, residual commission for the life of every customer's subscription that you refer to us - and those customers get the benefits of converting prospects to customers to valued clients with

Joining is easy!
Becoming an affiliate is easy… Read on and sign up to start earning that monthly residual income by helping us spread the word about around the world.

The program is simple too...

Once you signup, you will be given your own affiliate link. Whenever someone passes through one of your affiliate links and subscribes to one of our services, you will receive the credit for that referral and monthly commission for as long as they stay a customer.
How much can you earn?
As much as you want! The more customers you send us, the more money you can earn. Some of our affiliates receive regular monthly commission checks of $500-$1,000 (and higher) every month for referrals they made months ago. Some of our top affiliates earn more than $10,000 a month in "residual-style income!" Simply refer a customer to us once and you will get paid a commission every month that the customer is with us!

Not many other companies on the Internet offer such a financially rewarding affiliate commission for such a great service.

How does it work?
Simply refer your clients, customers, contacts and prospects to us. When they sign up to use our services, we will pay you a monthly, residual commission every month, for the LIFE of that customer.
Why Join Us?
Well, of course there's the MONTHLY, REPEATING COMMISSION! Lets face it, we'd all like that... but that's not all! There are even more reasons to join our growing network of affiliates, just take a look:

NO software to install, just sign up and start selling. Your commission checks will be mailed to you 30 days after you make your first sale and the minimum commission of $50 is reached.
*Affiliates located outside North America may be subject to a longer waiting period for their first check only.

NO support or communication with the customer is required. We handle everything! Your just refer traffic to our site and relax while we send out your monthly commission checks.

NO employees to manage while you earn a sizeable monthly commission check. It is like owning your own business (referring clients to us) without the hassle of managing employees. Talk about financial freedom!

Residual monthly income. Yes, we have already mentioned this, but it is definitely worth mentioning again! We mail out commission checks every 30 days, never missing a beat.

Services are second to none! We are rated #1 by some of the world's top Internet business and marketing experts and touted as "the most powerful" shopping cart / Internet marketing tools system available on the Internet today. With over 10,000 clients to show for it, we know that your prospects, customers and clients need our services. Oh, that makes for an easy sale for you!

Up to date reporting! Log in to see how much you have earned with real-time online reporting.

Our shopping cart solutions are easy to integrate and work with all standard web browsers.  The additional marketing and sales modules that include permission marketing systems, affiliate tracking, list servers, ad tracking technologies, a digital delivery system and several advanced reporting and marketing tools.

Who is this perfect for?
We are always looking to partner up with:
Web Site Designers Network Marketing Companies
Business Professionals Web Site Design Companies
Internet Consultants Advertising & Marketing Companies
Virtual Assistants PR/Media Companies
Internet Marketers Printing/Publishing Companies
Authors, Speakers & Trainers  

Our Internet, eCommerce, shopping cart and online marketing system is designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for a complete Internet Solution to grow their business; and that represents about 15 million people today! We provide cutting-edge technology, eCommerce solutions, and effective customer support that every marketing professional and business owner (i.e. the people you refer) needs. The world really is your marketplace.

As the Internet grows, so to will the need for our shopping cart and marketing tools, solutions and services. Your potential client base is virtually unlimited. You do the calculations. Let us say that you refer just 100 people, and they produce an average commission of $14 per sale, per month. That adds up to $1,400 a month! Also, a residual commission check would be mailed to you each month for the life of those customers. Wow! That is $16,800, £9,500*, 14,000€* a year with no contracts, no software to install, and no customer service requirements on your part... you don't even need an office or any employees. Did we mention the fact that you don't have to drive anywhere either? You can work from home, it is fine with us.

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Sign UpIt is FREE to sign up as an Affiliate Partner and refer people to use our services. When you do, you will receive a 20% commission on any autoresponder, marketing tool or shopping cart package that your referred customer signs up for.

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