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Let's have peek at the power of

In this short video tutorial, we'll introduce you to some of the features of using the scenario of a Raw Food business.

Firstly, we'll introduce the Raw Food scenario and then we'll look at some of the features and benefits... split in to the nine sections you see on the right.

If you have questions that we've not answered on the site or in the tutorial, please do contact us - it's easy, just go to the contact page and drop us a note!

Video Sections...
  1. Welcome
  2. Introduction to the Raw Food business
  3. Using the Autoresponder with Split Testing
  4. The Shopping Cart and Digital Download
  5. The Shopping Cart and Sales Reporting
  6. The Shopping Cart and Inventory Levels
  7. The Shopping Cart and Discount Coupons
  8. The Affiliate Module
  9. Summary

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